VR Algorave on Cyber Yacht

On April 25th Violetta Postnova and I performed on the Cyber Yacht in WebVR space for the first time. We were live-coding: Violetta was doing the graphics, and I was responsible for the music.

Violetta used Hydra video synthesizer for this performance.

A couple of days before the party Olivia Jack posted a tweet with a sample of code for using video and image in Hydra. So Violetta decided to use 8 videos as an input to the synthesizer. During the performance she modulated the video with oscillators and noise and added a couple effects.

Her VJ set received many positive comments during and after the performance.

You can check out the recording of her visuals:

Violetta is live-coding with Hydra video synthesizer

I live-coded music using TidalCycles.

Before the performance, I've collected a library of samples and sample loops found on my hard drive. This time my preference fell on aggressive and atonal sounds.

I've also updated my configuration for TidalCycles. This new configuration included shortcuts of functions that I use more often than others and a couple of new useful functions for working with sample loops.

I've loaded all the final code and configuration for this performance to Github.

Check out the recording of my performance:

I am live-coding beats with TidalCycles

There is also a video from inside the Cyber Yacht, recorded by CNDSD:

Screen recording of our performance by CNDSD

There were a lot of incredible performances by talented live-coders from all around the world: CNDSD, Char Stiles, Hernani VillaseƱor, Alexandra Cardenas, Niklas Reppel, Pixelpusher and others.

We did not have time to listen to all the performers, because the event was pretty late Moscow time. Performances we liked the most:

Niklas Reppel performance with Megra
Screenshot of Niklas Reppel performing with Megra

This party was organized by Toplap Mexico and Toplap Berlin. Thanks a lot for that, we had a lot of fun!

The yacht was developed by developers from UXR.Zone in VR chatroom environment Hubs by Mozilla. UXR.Zone has many other clubs besides the Cyber Yacht: The Circle and The Dome. Check them out on UXR.Zone website.

Poster for VR Algorave Cyber Yacht party
Poster for VR Algorave Cyber Yacht party

We liked the performance. Violetta had an amazing VJ set. I've enjoyed playing with TidalCycles. But I wanna take my performance to the next level:

Check out our favorite Algorave performances: at A>Festival in Katowice, Poland, and at the ICLC2020 in Limerick, Ireland.